Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Samantha In Tucson

Sorry I've not posted in a while, I've been frightfully busy! Samantha arrived in Tucson late last night. We stayed up until 4 a.m. talking, so now I'm just a bit draggin' at work. Ah well! She's feeling a bit put-upon by some of the comments here and I am too. We have a wonderful opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other and I'm really happy she's here. Who knows what the future holds? Carpe diem, and all that!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Weekend With Samantha

I'm sure there has to be at least ONE person out there dying to know how my weekend with Samantha (AKA 30 First Dates Girl) went.

In a word, it was amazing. I got to my hotel around 3:30ish and called her; she was downstairs so I went down and met her. Our meeting had the usual slight awkwardness that internet meetings usually have. We went off to have a quick drink at the casino bar and talk for a bit; then we wound up going shopping since I had neglected to bring enough shirts with me. We had a fun time shopping and talking, looking at various knickknacks, etc. We held hands and were quite cosy in general. Later we went to dinner at her favorite restaurant and had a smashingly good dinner. After dinner we went back to my hotel room . . . and talked. A lot. Oh, and we watched a very bad scary movie. And talked. A lot.

The next day we had brunch at Denny's, then she had to go home for a while to do some things. We met up at 5ish and wound up talking for 3 hours before getting around to having dinner (Mexican). Then we went on a brief tour where she showed me one of her favorite places in Vegas, and I picked a flower for her. She had to be up frightfully early so we said good-bye around 10:30 or 11. She came by my room early the next morning (like, 5:45 a.m.!) and we talked and snuggled and snuggled and talked until she had to go to a doctor's appointment, and then I had to go as well.

The summary -- wow. I'm really blown away by this girl, and my DCG-ness is at zero around her. She's smart, she's musical, she's talented, she has the most amazing green eyes, she's fun, she's pretty... and I trust her. I'm really not sure how we got to this point, but the scary part is that I'm not at all scared.

She's decided she wants to move to my home town, but, as she said, "not for *you*, for *me*." I'm not sure what that will mean for the future of this blog, but check back and I'll try to let you know.

Addendum: Just to be clear, when I say "talk", above, I actually mean talking. It's not a euphemism. We have the most amazing ability to talk, both about really serious things and not-so-serious things. It makes my heart glad :-). Oh, and "snuggling" just means snuggling, okay?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Off I Go!

Sorry I haven't been posting, it has been an amazingly busy week at work. Not much to say anyway, except for the happy-Happy-HAPPY news that I am going to Las Vegas on Saturday to meet Samantha. Whee! After Vegas I'm going to California for a few days, so I'll be back the 16th to blog about it.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sex & TV

I couldn't resist blogging this great quote:

"All they do is have sex and watch TV... and they don't even have cable!" (--Samantha)
She was referring to her sister and her sister's boyfriend.

Still Not Exercising The DCG Genes

Dating Dummy, factotum extraordinaire :-), rightly pointed out that I'm screwing up left and right in this DCG thing. Still, I'll be honest and fight the temptation to omit/disguise my screwups.

Saturday I went to see Cinderella Man with MedGirl. It's a great movie; I liked it a lot and MedGirl did too. Hard to say what she thinks of me at this point; not really any sparks so I probably won't do anything with her again unless I'm really bored.

The random bookeeper chick who I was IMing with sent me her picture... eep. She may only be 30 but it looks like a hard 30. That combined with the fact that apparently she's had children by 2 different men, her relationship with her ex is a bit whack, and she has only a high-school education and doesn't seem well-read, are pretty off-putting.

I got an IM from match.com chick #3 but haven't had a chance to talk with her.

And I got a totally random email from Annoying Crafts Girl in response to something I posted on another blog.

The exciting news is that I am going out of town in a week on a long-planned road trip to California, and I'm going to detour to Sin City for a couple of days and meet up with the lovely Samantha. I'm excited and nervous -- we've talked on the phone quite a bit and have as good a connection there as one could possibly hope for. If it translates to real life at all well, this could be really good. I'll see her next Saturday!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Feast Or Famine

Sorry about the long delay between posts... in some ways there's been a lot going on.

First, MedGirl showed back up and IMed me to say she was sorry about her previous bug-out. On Sunday evening she asked me if I wanted to walk to a nearby Penguins to get ice cream, and I said sure because hey, I wasn't doing anything anyway and I wanted to see what she looked like. We had a nice conversation and she didn't give any indication of psycho-ness.

Second, a girl on match.com winked at me. In true DCG mode I sent her a note thanking her for the wink and asking for a picture, which she sent. Eh. I wasn't impressed, but I did email her to see if there were other redeeming qualities. Not sure on that score.

Third, later this last week MedGirl asked me if I wanted to go see Cinderella Man with her this weekend. Hmm! She asked me out. Interesting. I told her yes, and so we are probably going to go to a matinee either tomorrow or Sunday.

Fourth, a random woman IMed me on.. Wednesday night? Maybe Tuesday. She's 30, divorced with 3 kids. No picture. She's a bookkeeper at a local firm. Seems nice enough from what I know so far.


Ironically enough, I'm totally not interested in any of this stuff (which of course means that they will all be crazy about me), because in the interim I've been talking on the phone with Samantha and I'm very intrigued and fascinated. She's amazingly smart and funny and sweet... can you tell I'm enthused? And, amazingly enough, she seems to feel the same way about me so far. Of course we haven't met in person yet... :-) Who knows?