Monday, November 21, 2005

Absence Makes the Heart...

Samantha has been gone since 10/27. She was originally supposed to come back 11/14, but when she got back to Vegas 11/13 she called me to say she was going to stay 'til 11/16. 11/15 she called me to say she was horribly sick and she'd decided to just stay until Thanksgiving when I was going to be coming out anyway, rather than spend a whole day coming back sick on the bus. After being very sick for several days, she's doing much better now.

I've found that when we are apart for more than 2 weeks or so I start to get very anxious. Last night I had a dream that she had gone to one of the Vegas wedding chapels and married her ex-fiancé. Crazy, I know, but very upsetting.

The thing that bothers me most is that while we communicate very well when we are together, when we are apart our communication is lacking. I'm the kind of person that wants to hear from his gf every day, at least a voicemail or email or something. She's not that way. She complained to me that I call her too much. I just wanted to hear her voice, y'know? *sigh*

The current plan is for me to go out to Vegas on Thanksgiving and spend it there and meet her parents. Eeep! I'm sure it will be fine.


Blogger Geisha said...

I seriously think you are wasting your time with her. Complains that you call her *too much* ? If she cared she'd be pleased to hear from you - unless you call, like, every hour.

And she's too young

7:52 AM  
Blogger Wildchild said...

I agree with obviously still haven't learned how women work.....when we're in love with someone, they don't call us too much. This girl is so obviously not into you and you continue to refuse to admit it to yourself. For your sake, I hope that you don't go through with moving to Portland for her.

6:10 AM  
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