Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Our Song in Troubled Times

My job search in Portland is going well; I had a phone interview yesterday that went well, and they want to do another phone screen tomorrow or Friday. After that if it all goes well, they'll fly me up for an onsite. I'm excited.

Samantha and I had a really bad fight last night though. Some of the issues that I thought we had resolved... may not really be resolved. It's troubling in the extreme. So I'm here at work and playing iTunes since everyone else has gone home and of course I played the song that is, for me, Samantha and I's "song":

"Seven Days Without You"

Sitting here counting the hours
Waiting for the sun to kiss the sea
Paralyzed by the fragrance of the flowers
They remind me of you and me

This one love in a lifetime
Our two hearts of a kind
These three reasons you'll be mine
For there's five or six ways through
Seven days without you
Seven days without you

Making plans just to stop the aching
Chasing thoughts from a million miles away
Hypnotized as another dawn is breaking
I rehearse the words I want to say


For when you and I will find a way until you're home
To let the giant sleep this fire we know is..


(in case it's not clear, part of the appeal of this song is that for the few months we've been together, S has gone home to Vegas about once a month for a week or so each time. Thus... I'm always missing her)


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