Tuesday, November 29, 2005


My trip to Vegas to meet Samantha's parents went really well. I got there around 11:30 a.m. Thanksgiving day and met her parents; slightly awkward at first as it usually is in such circumstances. Around 2 we went over to her uncle's house for dinner, which was yummy in the extreme. That night we went to see "Rent", which was really good. I stayed at her parent's house in their spare room with Samantha -- two single beds. We managed to spend some time snuggling (just snuggling!), which was really nice after 4 weeks apart.

Friday we hung out, played some pool (Samantha and her sister both whupped me), ran some errands. Saturday we came back with a stop off to have dinner with my folks. Just before we got there we managed to have a nasty argument (after an otherwise beautiful trip), and another on the way home when she brought up the same point as before -- a jealousy thing on my part. It was stupid. We got home late Saturday night and talked through some of our stuff and it's better, I think.

Since then we've been getting along quite a bit better, and things have a different feel to them in our relationship. I hope this means we've finally worked through most of our immediate issues; it feels like it. We'll see.

All in all the trip went well and I think her parents at least think I'm okay. They are nice folks and I think we'll get along fine.


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